Airbnb has censored my story ! This doesn’t surprise me considering they scrubbed the statistics of their recent court ordered data hand over in NYC.

I was an AirbnBeliever before - now I’m just terrified by the agentic protocol and the sociopathic response of my former classmates at Rhode Island School Design : Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky. They are unscrupulous to allow this abusive host to continue using Airbnb 1. After he solicited me for extra money! & discriminated against my handicaps!! 2. Because Chesky is a Jew and it is disgustingly hypocritical to fund and protect a notorious Holocaust denier and leader of the KKK!!!

Following Super Bowl Halftime, Queen B rested her regal head to sleep safely upon a pillow in a posh pad provided by Airbnb. Her experience with Airbnb was, and all of my past experiences prior with the company have been to use her Majesty’s own word ‘Super’. However, my most recent Airbnb experience was ‘Super’ Fucked.

Airbnb is a cartel which has pure profit as it’s only regulatory advisor. 

Airbnb makes a mockery of the “share economy”; it abuses our innate desire to follow idealistic utopian pipe dreams. They employ a language of brotherhood to divert the public’s attention away from their rampant capitalist greed. 

Airbnb is not a hospitality program - nor is it a healthy part of a share-economy. Airbnb pimps & collects.

Hosts register their information with no one outside of the vacation cartel itself. The foundational pillars of the share economy are economic and social empowerment ; I am left neither economically nor socially empowered by my experience with Airbnb.

I’m not getting into the politics of gentrification, nor the right of just any ol’ American to take a cut of tourists’ lodging money via mongering their private nests away : because honestly the politics are virtually irrelevant to the traveler.

The main concern of the vacationer, traveling businesswoman/man, tourist group - is SAFETY.

To this day Airbnb continues to profit by complying with / funding an evil perverse host. 

Here’s the scoop:

We trusted Airbnb to rescue us and instead our experience snowballed into severe chaos!

A business platform we built, worth $120,000 - was pirated and sabotaged on Christmas morning by a man we will call Long Con John. I was counting on Airbnb’s ‘Special Offer’ reservation rate when my company needed it most—to combat this financially and emotionally reprehensible blow. 

The host was listed as Jo Katbi, and was pictured as a man dancing in the streets of New Orleans. I read the first line of the bio quickly and saw “New Orleans Natives” and thought to myself that Airbnb and Katbi’s Special Offer were put on this planet to save my life and confirmed the booking. 3 minutes later - at 11.17PM Katbi solicited me for $1200.00 from a sexual email handle. He went on to solicit me multiple times on and off Airbnb.

I reached out to this abusive host concerning his breach of policy and they proceeded to belittle and berate me in an ungodly manner regarding my medically documented physical and mental handicaps.

A promise from an agent named Tina to remove a confirmed ‘malicious’ rule breaker from their App ▶ Gave way to an agent named Beckett chastising me for the host‘s solicitation off site ▶ Which left me hanging in the end with an agent named Vera who bullied me to cancel the reservation myself - so that the host would be able to book the dates again and receive no punishment ! I could not handle this bait and switch !

Airbnb has FAILED at traveler safety and standing behind confirmed bookings! Airbnb has left our small business, HAUGHTEE, homeless and horrifically heartbroken during our most profitable and anticipated sales trip of the year!

This host’s lack of a solid identity and their hyper erotic profile page along with Airbnb’s choice to leave me homeless - indicated that I should not give up on my belief that something was ‘Super’ not ok here.

The original handle Katbi solicited me from was Excite Magazine. 

I plowed forward researching “New Orleans Excite Magazine” and MY MIND WAS BLOWN.  

Vincent Breeding is listed as Executive Vice President of Excite Magazine in New Orleans. Bruce Alan “Vincent” Breeding is associated with the KKK and is a notorious holocaust denier. My questionable host was contacting me from Excite Magazine’s direct email. 

I could not believe what I saw next on GoogleMaps; there was only a short drunken stroll down the sex hungry tourist trap of Bourbon Street separating the office of Excite Magazine and my vile host’s Airbnb flophouse. There’s no way that this Airbnb doesn’t double as a production location for this poser porn magnate.

A guest named “Michael” says, “upon our arrival TJ had set the room up with burning candles, roses, chilled champagne, Brie and some sweet chocolates :)”, in Katbi’s past reviews.

Michael . . . what if those burning candles, roses, and chilled champagne were just props used to direct your romance - while being secretly filmed by a leading Klansman’s hidden cameras? What if he was profiting by sharing what you thought was the most intimate moment of your life?

Thanks to Airbnb I had almost funded the former right hand man of David Duke, ex Grand Wizard of the KKK. Besides being a leading propagator of Anti-Semitism and Racism: Breeding has a proclivity for producing Mother-Daughter porn. 

Once upon a time, an entire professional baseball team refused to stay at The Best Western Landmark Hotel at New Orleans because David Duke’s white supremacy workshop was being held there. In 2002 the Best Western Landmark ‘seemed unhappy about the workshop’ and stated that their “company [did] not share the views of this organization”. Thank G-d the AH & LA has standards! It’s a shame that I can not afford them.

Airbnb needs to be held accountable for their host’s behavior. Their system for vetting the integrity of their hosts is virtually non-existent. If there is one at all, it is corruptly defined by nebulous and unethical bottom line economics whose supremacy reigns unrestrained. 

Airbnb purged their host listings, scrubbing their statistics before their court mandated data handover in NYC. Airbnb even scrambled and deleted the original data and timeline from my conversation on their messaging system! 

The fox cannot police the henhouse. The digital empire Airbnb has created is perilously autonomous and demands virtual world third party regulation to guard over traveler security! Airbnb has deliberately neglected to protect us ! Airlines take away my water because of one pansy loser’s idea to hurt everybody with an explosive. Airbnb must be forced to work with the professional associations already in place which govern traveler safety. 

How does a contemporary Jew, a former classmate at Rhode Island School of Design, and a CEO worth 3.3 billion respond to me - and the rest of America - regarding a danger posed to us by his program, and his protocol‘s protection of a white supremacist holocaust denier!? 


Blocking me from conversing on the Airbnb Facebook Page, and also from the comment section of an obviously ‘Sponsored’ Airbnb TedTalk about trust! 

Has the world turned upside down? A perverse KKK leader is protected by a Jewish CEO’s company protocol!? A company who profits and protects a KKK leader is simultaneously endorsed by the boldest #blacklivesmatter celebrity voice - recently dressed as a Black Panther !?!? OMFG WTF IS GOING ON WITH AMERICA’S HYPOCRISY.

Us commonfolk travelers should have the right to know exactly who we are endorsing. 

Today’s Good Will is not a safe enough bet - a human life should not be hosted upon a gamble. Airbnb is allowing it’s less financially fortunate customers - to play Russian Roulette with where we lay our heads at night. Booking on Airbnb; you never actually know who’s pocket you’re padding, what corrupt cause you are cashing in on, or whether your Airbnb pad is moonlighting as a porn production set. Don’t fall under the spell of Airbnb’s enchanting animated snapshots of mystical magical #wanderlust! 

Jason Brian Dalton just demonstrated the danger of unchecked hosts running amok in the share-economy. His homicidal Uber joyride cost the lives of 6 innocents. What if today an H. H. Holmes copycat is masterminding a mayhem of murder via Airbnb? 

If you don’t tell my story - no one will be protected except for Gebbia and Chesky’s stock interest.