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Jason D'Aquino

' I am a miniaturist who works primarily in graphite on found antique surfaces. Whether it's a vintage matchbook, an old page from an antique ledger, or any other historical ephemera - the complexion of the surface is never artificially discolored, but rather naturally aged due to it's exposure to the elements over time.  I achieve these miniature drawings with the aid of architectural drafting tools and high-magnification goggles.  A pervasive theme in my work is the temporary nature of all things, and because of the size of my work much of the content is left to the viewer to discover or overlook.'

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Bryan Cunningham

' bryan cunningham (a.k.a mutie) uses his skills in painting and wood working to create unique mixed-media assemblages. each piece begins with a loose, canvas painting. next the work is set with grommets and stretched in a hand crafted frame made from recycled wood and found objects. in the final step, cunningham incorporates the use of vintage sign painting and carving to make each frame design unique. '

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Tom Deslongchamp

' Hi. My name is Tom DesLongchamp, and I am an artist who lives in Seattle. I like to make animations, drawings and lots of other things. I hope you enjoy my work!  '

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Miles Thompson

' I own more children's picture book titles than most any other individual you'll ever know. I specialize in traditional gouache illustration but can also mix a fleshtone or ambient light in oil. In the last 2 years I've logged over 4000 hours painting in Photoshop. Last year I was happy to fall under the tutelage of Studio Arts teachers in ZBrush 101 and 201 workshops and I continue to cultivate the scope of my understanding 3D. This year I took a crash course in After Effects and am growing my working knowledge of that application too. When I wake up I read and write daily cultivating kernels of my own original content that will sprout into quality brands that aim to enforce positive thought and inspire consciousness through interactive mediums. '

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Michael Mararian

Rendering traditionally cheerful images and concepts into frightening, yet humorous, tableaus, Michael Mararian often focuses on children as the last bastion of innocence to explore the dark humor behind social and psychological issues. What can on one level be construed as melancholy and cruel, can alternately be viewed as amusing, even charming. He enjoys letting his viewers decide. 

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Dave Macdowell

 David MacDowell is a self-taught artist living in Virginia. He incorporates media culture, and social themes into brilliant and controversial satirical paintings. Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, David is not afraid of tapping into the dark side of American media worship. He tops off celebrity renderings sprinkled with crying babies, candy colored nightmares, and a hilariously acidic sense of humor. Some have called his work a virtual “Disneyland on acid”. By bravely peeling away the veneer of pop culture, he validates the abused underbelly of society with x-ray glasses. With an ever-expanding list of international clientele, David’s work can be found in Atlanta, California, Florida and New York. 

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John Whipple

John Whipple, a master of mixed media, creates anything from collages to sculpture. His whimsical style speaks for itself yet invites each viewer's own interpretation.

"I start most of my work with a wood panel. I primarily use Finland birch because of the wood's beautiful grain and light color. I try to push different painting processes by experimenting. Sometimes, I will take old paper and collage it for the base patter. Usually, I try to integrate the grain of the wood into the imagery. I do this by drawing the design in charcoal. I use a kneadable eraser to create highlights and define form. Once I am satisfied with the image, I seal the drawing into the wood which also brings out the wood's grain and luster. I then carefully layer thin transparent oil glazes over the drawing. Letting the oils completely dry between layers, I build up the color intensity while still allowing the drawing and wood grain to be seen."

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Evan B. Harris

Born among the briars & brambles in backwoods of Klamath Falls, Oregon, Evan Benjamin Harris grew up with little knowledge of the bourgeois big city fine arts. So, he dove into the recesses of his own imagination and embraced the fables and folklore that fascinated him. With little to do but draw, he did exactly that. Now older, things haven’t changed much. The stories he created as a child are still present in his paintings. With diligence and hard work, Evan’s crude stick figures became the more clearly defined images you see today. With no formal art training, he creates on his own terms. 
Broken boards, oil and acrylic paints, charcoal pastels, plastic resign, and melted waxes are among the mediums Evan uses. Then they are beaten, brushed, sanded, polished, and hung. Most would cringe at the idea of scratching or sanding something they spent hours upon hours painting, but that’s Evan’s favorite part - creating the appearance that this wasn’t made in the 21st century. Behind every scratch and claw mark is a story waiting to be told. 

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Craig LaRotonda


Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Craig LaRotonda received his BFA in 1992 at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he studied with the internationally renowned illustrator Alan Cober. Currently working as a profesional painter, illustrator, and sculptor, Craig divides his time between each endeavor. 

LaRotonda’s richly layered paintings are provocative; his signature iconic style is reminiscent of Renaissance and Byzantine art while remaining boldly contemporary. His work possesses a dark narrative and grotesque elegance. These distorted creatures are captured in a timeless space — surviving the brutality and beauty of existence. Craig’s ability to make deformities and oddities become aesthetically magnificent is what makes his art so unique.

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