the exposed pussy

a slippery tale of

fine art & private parts

*    All names have been changed in order to deny a predator from receiving any more notoriety.

My husband and I are not politicians, however our profession is saturated with an equal propensity for smoke and mirrors. For those of us born into socially subjugated bodies (in particular us minorities in subservient industries), Election 2016 has thrust the relevance of our pain to the forefront of the public eye. As second class citizens, we have to regularly turn the other cheek for white racist entitled men in our day-to-day lives.  Election 2016 has stimulated white racist entitled men to violate every last drop of public etiquette; no longer do we have to suppress our private pains in obedient silence.

President Donald Trump should open an Art Gallery.

The majority of gallery owners are white rich entitled men. Fine art is a breeding ground for legal insider trading, artificial inflation, tax evasion, and money laundering. Without gallerists fine artists - are soon-to-be poor starving artists.  A gallerist’s laborers will never hold His Highness accountable for any entitlement, abuse, or bigotry they encounter or witness, yet a normal 9-5 is suicide for a natural born artist: there lies the Catch-22.

Following Election 2016 it has been torturous for my husband Jason and I, to watch our professional contemporaries protest Trump’s rise to power so passionately . . . while they continue to enable a tangible predator.  Dollar signs will punt conscience right off of your shoulders and over the rainbow.

Tomorrow we will all wake up - and there will be a million dollars deposited in each and every one of our bank accounts. The previous night Trump found a lamp with a genie, rubbed it for three wishes,  and his first wish was for everyone to stop complaining . . . Big money talks - but it also buys silence.

Standing up to a delusional old man - by posting some memes, coupled with confrontational status changes - is an irrelevant cure for the tangible and palpable injustices that humans directly around you are suffering. A monstrous accumulation of exploitation hovers around us all as a species : humans are polluted AF.

The same creative colleagues who demonize Donald Trump, have nothing but praise for a likeminded white racist entitled man (W.R.E.M.): whom they deal with regularly in our professional circle. Our careers no longer depend upon obedient silence in the face of this W.R.E.M. . #pussystabsback

The worst part of being molested - is not being able to speak about it freely.

This joint statement is long overdue and serves as blaring testimony of the abuse we suffered at the hands of this deplorable W.R.E.M. .  Any “quotation in italics” can be attributed to my husband’s writings, found in the plethora of anecdotes inside various drawing journals that he has kept over the years.

In a nutshell, Jason’s ex-gallery kicked us out after they racked up an IOU of $20,000.00.  “Brokeback Gallery” is lead by a W.R.E.M. - who continues his con today: building his current successes upon other people’s talents, consuming financiers support at an alarming rate, and milking mountains of hours from his unpaid laborers (enablers).

A lack of bureaucracy in the fine art field results in brutal and bigoted barricades. My husband Jason D’Aquino and I, don’t have the luxury of a company HR department, nor a group of coworkers we can kick it with at happy hour to commiserate over cocktails. There is no start-to-finish maze for the fine art professional to turn to - in order to protect workplace common decency and the respect most employees enjoy.

This account serves to assist emerging artists in navigating through an artistic career.  Emerging artists need to reckon with the fact that their chosen profession floats in a lawless territory: spangled with sexual and emotional manipulation.

The loss of an artist’s primary gallery representation, is equivalent to the loss of your 9 to 5 cubicle setup, sans pink slip. Your severance package will be literal: my husbands ex-gallerist ripped his artwork from it’s secure perch within a glass dome, literally severed it in half, and shoved it into his grungy glovebox. Outside of the total anarchy that war inspires, I have never heard of a man bottomless enough to ruin works of art out of territorial anger. #ISIS

Prior to working with Brokeback Gallery, my husband's only escape from his depression was his pencil. Flotch provided a life of indulgence and debaucherous camaraderie that Jason never had before. Most importantly he gave access to various esteemed venues where Jason could make a living selling art.

Jason de-thawed his Buffalo, NY cabin fever, by jetting away from the 10’ of snow around the country with Flotch.  Jason performed all of the actual hands-on work that needed to be done in order to show at the renown art fairs.  As time passed, Flotch sponged intimate information concerning Jason’s psychological history.

Flotch has four years of training at university; majoring in mind manipulation which offered him warp speed access to understanding a person's most potent fears and compulsions. Flotch feeds on the forsaken with nothing to lose - otherwise known as poor starving artists.

Anyone with a drop of self esteem near Flotch - becomes demonized and the focus of his abuse.

It was easy for this con-man gallerist, with a psychology degree to prey upon my husband’s bottomless depression and deep rooted fear of being rejected.  A negative potential sat festering inside of Jason for over three decades, before Flotch chose to diligently fertilize it.  It was a match made in hell - Flotch had nearly consumed my husband entirely, by the time I'd come into the picture.

Flotch honed right in on Jason’s overbearing self doubt and dense sense of ‘not belonging’ - which he developed after being abandoned as a tiny infant by both his mother and father.

Flotch toys with lost souls as his canvas - using evil to mark his strokes. His own cognizance of the imputations of his corrupt heart and sterile core, chain him to a perpetual cycle of ritualistic torment. Flotch exists only to drain authenticity from the artists who surround him.  

Flotch is the AIDS virus of the Art World, on a die hard mission to inject others with his poisonous programming - condemned to eternal stagnancy.  Narcissistic illusions of grandeur lead him to actually presume himself emperor, and authority over my husband’s actions and thoughts.

I watched as Flotch annexed Jason’s ability to escape into his drawings. Jason was socially taunted by Flotch’s other toadies and was financially punished by Flotch, when he spent his time extracting his feelings through drawing.  All of the demons Jason used to expel from his head, whimsically with his pencil on all forms of old paper - were now crammed in; stuck roaming rampant through the hallways of his mind - just the way Flotch liked it.

Flotch instructed sharply on many occasions for Jason to “just stick to the matchbooks”.  

Flotch is the biggest cockblock of creativity.  

He refused to show any of Jason’s work that had emotional content and wasn’t on a matchbook.

Success was dependent first and foremost, by the level at which, an artist was willing to enable Flotch’s scams . . . but most importantly success at Brokeback Gallery was absolutely directly proportional to an artist’s lack of self worth. Self-Esteem is where I come in. ;)

But before me, there was the beginning. In 2010 at a Manhattan art opening, Jason was approached by a young man with a larger than life disposition - towering in opposition to his compact stature.  ‘Napoleon’ tugged on Jason’s pant leg and told him, that he and his partner ‘Flotch’, admired Jason’s artwork and proposed a chance for Jason to show with an art gallery in the French Quarter.

Flotch, in complete contrast to Napoleon, stands as a lone tower of cowardice, cringing at the thought of being responsible for even his own shadow. Although Flotch clocked in at just under seven feet, he will remain the smallest man I’ve ever encountered. The crumpled curl of his shoulders, supports an acutely paranoid weight; a weight that only a man who has manipulated multitudes of innocents can carry.

A pure sociopath at his core - it is no coincidence that Flotch majored in child psychology only to abandoned his accredited career path.  Using the tools he had learned to control the human psyche while receiving his degree, he had crafted himself into a professionally trained behavioral manipulator.


Flotch had received $20,000.00 base salary from ‘Bubbles’, and was hired to recruit an in-house roster of artists, curate shows, and create a website for Bubbles’ new gallery; where he would sell art for commission.  Unbeknownst to Bubbles, Flotch had utilized the investment as the stage for act one of his con.  Flotch secured the ability to evaluate the profitability of owning an art gallery, on that particular street in the French Quarter, using someone else’s dollar.

Any friend of Flotch’s is just a canary in his coal mine.

Just two months after receiving the $20,000.00 from his investor, Flotch neglected his obligations to run the gallery. He focused his efforts towards earning fat commissions from the traveling Art Fairs (i.e.Basel) with the exact same list of artists that he had recruited for Bubbles.  Flotch waited until he could formulate a profitable roster of successful artists in Bubbles’ gallery, then proceeded to ditch Bubbles, and open his own gallery on the very same street.  Flotch went so far as to create a mirror image of Bubbles’ website; literally page for page with verbatim copy, yet this time it featured Flotch’s fugly new logo for “Brokeback Gallery”.

Flotch’s deliberate and shameless thievery sent Bubbles into a passionate tailspin. Flotch initially avoided the wrath of his former investor/partner by dodging him socially. He viciously commanded that my husband and the rest of his peers were to treat Bubbles as ‘a threat’, he had ‘blown a fuse’ and was ‘certifiably insane’. Flotch was barbarically intent on convincing Jason that despite the track record of lucrative sales, Bubbles’ ‘mental issues’, would eventually crush my husband’s career.

‘You are the company you keep,  Jason’, Flotch bloviated. ‘You need to be very careful in this business, who you align yourself with. . . . Some people are just dangerous, trust me I know this guy. Bubbles is a pariah and absolutely nuts!  To align yourself any further would be ‘career suicide’.

Fast forward a few months and Bubbles was spraying a can of mace into Flotch’s face; after which he proceeded to pummel Flotch in front of a tent full of gasping gallerists, and upscale collectors at SCOPE / Art Basel Miami.  Bubbles screamed at the top of his lungs during the attack, ‘GIMME MY FUCKING MONEY!’ It was surreal witnessing diamond encrusted patrons evacuate the million dollar labyrinth of artworks, towards the fresh breeze outside the tent - away from the stifling cloud of poisoned air.

Bubbles had feverishly driven all the way from New Orleans to Miami, in order to avenge the 20K Flotch had conned him out of. Flotch whimpered to Jason, “He got me - he’s ruined me . . . they’ll never let me here again, I know it” as he nursed his beet-red face and dribbling eyes.  Jason snapped a selfie and noted that Bubbles had finally come off as ‘insane’, yet underneath it all, Jason knew something about this catastrophe felt a little ‘off’.

“How was my perspective so wrong? How did I not stop this toxic relationship sooner? How could I pretend to have not seen this coming?”

The cops began taking their report as Jason sat with Flotch in the cruiser, driving around Midtown Miami looking for Bubbles. The cops had also felt something was off about the assault - concluding it was a bit too ‘passionate’. “I mean no offense, but usually when we see something like this, it’s between two individuals with a little involvement intimately . . . like a relationship. So, nothing like that then?”

Jason watched, as Flotch placed a cough over a nervous laugh and mumbled “No...” - to the officer in charge.  Bubbles was never found.  Oddly enough Flotch never pressed assault charges against his slighted investor, or rather he could not: How can you possibly take someone you owe $20,000.00 to court and win?

The following year at Art Basel Miami while sitting at Flotch’s booth, Jason was approached by another gallerist named “Ponzi”. He conspicuously snatched Jason for a private saunter around the booths to discuss the possibility, of working with him in his new multimillion dollar gallery in San Francisco. Jason had heard of Ponzi’s gallery and although excited, he had been groomed to filter every personal opportunity through Flotch’s control.

“I immediately, out of a sense of delusional loyalty, told Flotch about the conversation with Ponzi . . . I was looking for his advice - or oddly enough his blessing / refusal. I was in luck, he encouraged me to work with Ponzi saying ‘Everything Ponzi touches turns to Gold!’”.

Ponzi and Jason arranged a solo show 5 months in the future. Two months passed, and then without warning Flotch threw him under the bus.  Flotch said he had arranged a group show in Ponzi’s space scheduled one month before Jason’s solo opening. Jason was appalled with Flotch’s secret scheduling, which piggybacked and had somehow trumped Jason’s pre-existing personal debut at the space. He confronted Flotch about commandeering his contact, and Flotch chastised Jason for being short sighted.  He commanded that Jason use the body of work he had diligently crafted for his scheduled solo show, in Flotch’s newly planned group show.

Jason was appalled but went forward with the change in schedule relying on the poisonous advice of his supposed mentor. Thirty days after the group show at Ponzi’s was over, Jason requested to be paid for the work that he had sold in the group show - in order to reinvest that money into framing the new series of works, which he needed for his slated solo show.  

Ponzi replied “I don’t know when I can pay you.”  Jason was livid.  After some asking around Jason learned that Ponzi had ran a large scale drug dealing operation out of his ‘respected’ space in San Francisco, and had even been arrested for dealing heroin during one the of art openings.  Prestige had devoured the context of who Ponzi really was.

Prestige will always trump what reality promises, and ugly truths have a way of camouflaging in spectacle - until they are perceived as a circus of harmless quirks.

“Ponzi, this is not the agreement, we have a contract that states I am to be paid for work sold 30 days after the closing date . . . that time is up now.” Ponzi retorted dismissively, “I don’t know what to tell you  . . .” Jason returned immediately to Flotch - to discuss - and Jason was coached to “Get after it! We haven’t been paid by that Asshole either - the squeaky wheel gets the oil - so go make a stink for all of Us!”

Naturally Jason told Ponzi’s personal assistant ‘Creampie’, precisely what he thought of their schemes.  Creampie didn’t like what she heard . . . “If you can’t pay me what you owe me for a handful of works sold last month, how can I, in good conscience, provide you with a whole new series of artworks for my solo exhibit?”  

“It’s not my fucking problem . . .” Creampie slurred and hung up.

Jason was ultimately paid after persisting long enough, in fact everyone who showed with Jason including Flotch and his mommy, got paid. He was the people’s hero - but on the other hand he had to cancel a solo show for the first time in his career. Jason consoled himself with the fact that he had received a large pat on the back from Flotch, he had done right by his gallerist.  He found comfort in the notion that he would never have to deal with Ponzi ever again.

Or so he thought.


At my first year with Brokeback Gallery at Art Basel, I got a true taste of Flotch’s blackened heart.  A fellow artist ‘Bacon’ happened by, and the rest of the Brokeback boys began bantering over his ‘winning entry’.  Jason asked what was up, and Flotch replied that the game was simple: everyone had thrown down five dollars into a jackpot - and to win all you needed to do was to photograph the ugliest person at Art Basel: extra points for “retards” and/or “cripples”.  

I am a professional photographer and it is impossible for me to perceive anyone as ugly; true artists transform whatever they have available so that everyone can see the universal beauty inherent in everything and anyone.  With professional lighting and/or makeup, I argue that every skull has it’s magnetic angles.  I felt an innate need to stand up for the this unknown person who had been dehumanized.

I started by asking to see the photograph of who held the current first place for ugliest person at Art Basel - in hopes that I could re-humanize this innocent bystander to this group of bullies.  Flotch was saturated with glee. Bacon shamefully muttered about how he did not want to share the image with me - as he shakily handed over his screen,  “I don’t even know her . . . I’m a bad person for doing this . . . this is really fucked up . . .”

There, glaring from Bacon's king sized android screen was a semi focused photograph of one of my oldest artist friends from Miami Country Day School.

My jaw dropped - and I could not believe my eyes.  She was dressed to the hilt in an outfit I would have killed for - pure rainbow decadence.  I cleared my throat and said, “I know her” and Bacon’s face turned red.  I pulled her profile up on Facebook and then his face turned from red to white.  The rest of the boys cracked up and Flotch was overjoyed to be able to use my eccentric and authentically magical friend’s aesthetics against her.

I interrupted Flotch and asked him how often he had played this game, “Every time I can, just something worthwhile to pass the time” he chuckled. He was absolutely unfazed with the coincidence.

Fast forward to my second year at Art Basel. Jason and I, approached Brokeback Gallery’s booth and Flotch sat smirking at the table next to none other than Ponzi.  Flotch had used Jason to voice his own displeasure with Ponzi’s con - and then proceeded to reconvene with Ponzi to do business behind Jason’s back.  Jason was crushed.  I could not wait to write this loser bastard out of our lives.

At dinner, after Flotch and Ponzi’s reunion had finished, Flotch boasted that he planned to poach Ponzi’s assistant ‘Creampie’, whom he referred to as simply ‘the jew’.

Flotch’s love life was a self imposed nightmare. Jason had always helped cover for Flotch’s multiple tiered dating system - where he spun a web of girlfriends with a continuous wheel of gas-lighting and misogynistic manipulation.

‘So I’m thinking about fucking the jew' Flotch said to me. 'Do you really think messing with Ponzi’s gallery assistant is a good idea - don’t we have enough trouble?' I asked. Flotch explained that ‘fucking the jew' would be a big benefit; he was interested in her contact list of art collectors.  Anti Semitism and bigotry in general, are the basis of Flotch’s personality.  I've actually never been around him when he wasn't spewing bile.

At one point with a straight face, he literally asked Jason to hand paint a sign that read, “Brokeback Gallery - no jews , no coloreds” to hang at art fairs. “Get a gallery girl to get her black book” Flotch explained.  In the seven years that Jason worked with Flotch - he witnessed this predatory romancer plow through women, dating them just long enough to be able to covertly steal their art collector contacts.

Flotch constantly brags about fucking and ditching a specific list of women for their contacts . . . This list includes one curator / author from New York, one ex-curator from Seattle, one curator from Portland, and now he's on to Creampie from San Fran - all high profile professional female colleagues of Jason’s.  

It has been nearly impossible for me to see these otherwise powerful and progressive women, whose power in the art world is akin to that of Hillary Clinton’s, covet this awful anti-Semitic misogynistic shrimp dick.

Clearly they must not know!  This testimony is important in particular to women!  Human beings in general should steer clear of Flotch’s infected body, mind, and soul.  If ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ got these same women feverish: THEY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what I have heard and seen Flotch say and write about their bodies/accomplishments.  Listening to Flotch relate these women’s physiques, to bloated beached whales, wrinkled elephant carcass, and burritos was unbearable.  

It didn't stop with women . . . when Flotch first introduced me to Bobby, his best friend since childhood, he waited until Bobby left and then proceeded to tear him apart physically.  He kept harassing Jason to bully Bobby about his haircut.  Flotch demanded that Jason tell Bobby that he was balding and to just shave his head already, get it over with and die alone and ugly.  I was not prepared for this overt cruelty.  Jason refused and told Flotch that Bobby had a hot as hell girlfriend and that he should stick to the curating.  This sociopath treated even his best bro - like absolute shit.

And get this - no joke - Flotch had actually attempted to pimp Jason out, to further his contact list; telling Jason to gain other women’s trust via sexual encounters.  “Get the contacts and forward the cause” Flotch said, as he commanded Jason to fuck ’Lucy’ - a particular blogger who had gained powerful traction in the Art World.  She had published a couple articles about Jason’s work and Flotch had taken notice.

He barked, “I think you should fuck Lucy . . . She could do a lot for us”. The situation made Jason super uncomfortable, and when he refused to do Flotch’s bidding, Flotch made sure to embarrass the fuck out of Lucy at the bar in front of Jason. Lucy promptly told Jason “I don’t think we should be friends anymore”.


Any opportunity that Jason had for advancement was to be used for Flotch’s personal benefit.  The full picture of the man that Jason had aligned himself with, was coming into focus and it wasn’t acceptable.  Flotch was Jason’s source of income, and it became obvious that Flotch wasn’t helping Jason move forward; instead Jason realized Flotch had been using him as a pawn.  Jason’s participation in Art Fairs was leveraged against his complicity in Flotch’s manipulative social schemes.  Jason was to be kept where he was most useful - subservient.

At some point it became clear that Jason had gone from doing all of Flotch’s bitchwork - to being Flotch’s bitch.  You see, most disturbingly of all, Flotch prided himself in sending photographs of his dick - ritualistically - to my husband for seven years.  Most of the times he sent more than one angle from the same session; his hand always grasped tightly at the base of his penis, in what looked like a near futile attempt to maintain an erection . . . Most disturbingly of all was how close his dick was in the photograph to his pet cat or dog.

One of Flotch’s concubines that he simply referred to as ‘the asian’, described to me that Flotch had an entire folder of pics dedicated to his pathetic appendage on his cellphone . . . and that Jason shouldn’t feel alone in sexual harassment.

Each time a dick pic from Flotch arrived, Jason would respond with a single word : NO.

The international Art fairs, such as Scope, Pulse, NADA - have an exclusive admissions process; the first basic requirement is that you have a brick-and-mortar gallery.  Flotch conned his way around this by emptying a friend’s apartment, putting a bunch of art on the walls, and filming a couple of mock openings at this faux space.  He bragged about it often, his little scam actually succeeded; he was super proud of his conniving behavior.

Flotch’s history of fraudulent and opportunistic behavior began with his cupcake shop.  He had fooled everybody: the cupcakes were not homemade.  They were bought from a bakery that manufactured them and delivered them daily to Flotch’s doorstep.  Every morning Flotch had lit a cupcake scented candle, in order to complete his scam.  Yet, his true goal ran deeper than just charging an arm and a leg for repackaged pre-made wholesale confections.

He was approached by an investor that wanted to buy his cupcake store.  Flotch swiftly sold it to him, then turned around and sold the same store to another investor right around the corner, blatantly disregarding non compete clauses in the contracts.  This was the beginning of a long string of cons that Flotch would use, to commandeer other people’s hard earned money and power.  ( SEE THE EMAIL )

Flotch views people as his personal playthings. He loved to brag about how he recruited Napoleon (whom he only ever referred to as “The Midget”).  Flotch ran an ad in Portland for a “Reality TV show audition” that needed a little person to round out their cast of ‘freaks’.  “It was hysterical! It looked like Wizard of Oz out there. There was a line around the block of midgets at my command. One guy even looked like his head was on backwards - just fucked up looking - down the line. It was unbelievable!” Flotch exclaimed.

Of course by now you could have guessed : there was no reality show. This was just Flotch manipulating the dreams and goals of real people as if they were puppets; preying on faith as he stalked those in need, a true predator of hope.

In an interview printed in the Portland newspaper, Flotch had been quoted bragging about the entire “midget casting call” scam. Napoleon had been working at Flotch’s Pizza restaurant, (where the reality TV show was supposedly taking place), for a couple weeks under the assumption that they were prepping for filming.  He found out that he had been conned only after reading Flotch’s braggadocios explanation of the prank in the newspaper. Flotch loved recounting this story and reliving the glory of his manipulations ‘over the midgets' ...

Everything Flotch commits to is centered around gaining power or publicity via a vulnerable person or targeted minority group. He successfully plotted a stunt to enrage the highly involved and tight knit transgendered community in Portland - in order to reap the benefits of the notorious media coverage that would follow. The idea was triggered by Portlandia, ( in which Napoleon had a cameo.  He labeled the breadsticks he served out of his pizza joint “Tranny Sticks” and featured them alongside a photograph of Napoleon dressed in ‘drag’.

People in the transgender community were offended and outraged (as anticipated), while Flotch bragged about how amazing it was that he could extend the media coverage to last just a bit longer . . . via a pre-drafted written apology that Flotch ordered Napoleon to read to the press, on his behalf. Flotch went so far as to say that he actually sent Napoleon to do the dirty work of apologizing to the press because: “Freaks would relate to one of their own, better than to me”.

The amount of damage fraudulent narcissists cause in a lifetime is unquantifiable.

The concept of being conned is something Jason never wanted to process. His psyche had built a wall around judging other’s character, in order to protect his heartstrings from admitting and accepting his own origination from a con woman .  His biological mother who had abandoned him in infancy, had married to receive a downpayment on a house from her in-laws. She left abruptly one day and his father came home to an empty house.  She kept the deed and her in-laws never saw any profit after the sale of the house.  Soon after,  she conned her second set of in-laws to cosign and supply down payment for another mortgage, and again, never made a payment.  They had prolonged their retirement, due to the overtime they needed to work in order to pay off her debt: and just that’s the tip of the iceberg.

If it was normal for Jason to enable his own mother’s scams - imagine the damage a trained psychologist could do with this sensitive information.  Flotch took advantage of this dynamic, and espoused Jason’s unrelenting sympathy and empathy, to his advantage. Jason was a prime target for turning the other cheek to Flotch’s abuse.  Jason had to grin and bear it through his own mother sashaying in front of the mirror, in various assortments of lingerie, asking him which outfit, or lack thereof, made her look sexiest and hid the most of her fat.  

How could Jason begin to know, that Flotch’s incessant need to take his pants off and try to touch Jason was anything but familiar.  The list of cons and sexual abuse that were digested by Jason via his biological mother, Flotch, and multiple other losers, is long. I saw this toxic pattern and immediately set to help Jason navigate through his innate desire for self reflection and autonomy. He began to see through the ‘stockholm’ dynamic he suffered with all of these toxic manipulative cons.

Jason’s aunt and grandparents raised him and instilled an ability to relate to love, security, and happiness - thankfully. They displayed morality - educating him that his actions had consequences.  Flotch on the other hand had absolutely no regard for anyone’s feelings - and boasted his tally of people that he affected by his nasty actions. He proudly gurgled his favorite ‘coming of age’ memory at the dinner table, the first night I met that sleaze.

One record hot summer when everyone couldn’t bear to stay inside, Flotch chose to defecate in the public pool - as moms, dads, and children floated innocently in the water. It was not an accident, Flotch had intentionally contaminated the pool for everyone.  The following day Flotch returned to the pool, a sign on the gate read “OOPS, POOPS. The pool is closed for sanitation”.  Flotch bellowed out, that he had his first feeling of ‘being a man’ and that he instantly became addicted to feeling in control of large groups of people of all ages (with just his anus and a piece of shit). Actions usually have consequences and Jason soon realized that Flotch was not born with the ability to feel hurt, sadness, and regret.

Flotch never contributed his own money or hands to create anything. When Brokeback Gallery was just a concept, Flotch set to trying to find out just how much cash Jason had in the bank.  Jason felt extremely awkward as Flotch started dropping hints about wanting Jason to pay 1/3 of the cost to open the gallery.  He was rabidly persuading Jason to split ownership with himself and his longtime partner Bobby.

Jason was more than wary of the notion of entering into a business partnership with Flotch at this point - he had a proven track record.  Flotch told Jason the deal would be lucrative for all involved, but not without Jason’s help: he pleaded with Jason to “work on” Bobby to ensure that he would invest as well.  As soon as Jason and Bobby were finally warming up to the idea of becoming partners with Flotch, he pulled a bait and switch : “Listen, 33% isn’t going to do it for me - I can’t live off of that . . .” the rest of the conversation trailed off in a foggy haze of bullshit as Jason realized that it had taken less than one day, for Flotch to move the goal post further in his favor.  The second Flotch smelled the smallest scent of subordinate participation - he pounced.  

Jason finally told Flotch “I’m out”.  At this point in his life he had been considering relocating to New Orleans because Flotch has a way of making lost souls feel at home, and an integral part of his carefully manicured entourage. Flotch enjoys playing the god figure who can pull all of the strings over this ‘forsaken family’ he governs.  Jason’s outside gallery contacts were whittled away by Flotch, until he was totally financially dependent upon him.

Jason felt like a sucker . . . again and again and again around Flotch.

In the middle of all this emotional crisis he was experiencing - Jason and I unexpectedly happened to fall in love.  After writing oodles of letters to each other, Jason and I decided to meet up for the first time since 2005. We had met in passing through a bimbo we both knew back in the day . . . And said absolutely nothing to each other but clearly that split second gaze had spoken louder than any words.  Our Missed Connections style reunion began with my trip to New Orleans so that I could help Jason open the Brokeback Gallery.

“This girl was brilliant,  beautiful, strong, honest to a fault really - and above all - she was real. I was instantly terrified to introduce her to Flotch, I did not trust him anymore, but I knew that the time would have to come . . . if I was to stay with Brokeback Gallery.”  Jason was amazed that I was psyched to cooperate professionally with him for our first ‘date’, but he had serious apprehensions, so he began to warn me about Flotch and his poisonous ways:

But I'm a Nasty Lady whose forte is pacifying bullies.  

I thought nothing of it, and brought a carload of photography equipment and my 27” iMac to document the opening party and catalogue art for the Brokeback Gallery website.  Upon my arrival I joined the boys for drinks after a long day of hard work.  

Flotch leaned across the table full of artists - and his very first communication with me was, “What type of nigger are you again?”

I locked eyes with him and asked him if I had heard him correctly. He repeated the question and I replied that I had a Cuban father, and mother from Miami of Irish Jewish descent. He looked at me confused and disgusted with my ability to remain unaffected by his bigoted bullying. He chortled, “Well I don't know anything about that but basically what you're saying is you’re less nigger and more mexican - what we would call ‘an octoroon’.

I contemplated how long it would take for Jason to say he’d had enough of this monster.  I hoped he would make that decision on his own before my conscience couldn't digest anymore of Flotch’s toxin.

Jason and I spent over a week in New Orleans, painting the gallery walls, hanging the art, photographing all of the work, organizing the price / inventory lists, designing the postcards, logos and online fliers for the grand opening event at the new space.  Flotch was aglow with all of the work that was being done by all of us.

However as soon as tourist season was over, Flotch threatened Bobby that he was going to give up on the gallery.  Bobby was devastated and refused to give up on his lifelong dream; so Flotch quickly sold his share of ownership in Brokeback Gallery to Bobby and left for San Francisco.  Bobby had originally agreed to owning 1/3 of the gallery so that he could have time to create his own art and now he had to cover all of the bills by himself.  He was in over his head.  Bobby confided in Jason and I about the predicament that Flotch had left him in.

Bobby was forced to agree to allow Flotch to control all of the traveling art fairs conducted under the same “Brokeback Gallery” name and owe Bobby nothing. The fairs are the most profitable, lucrative, and beneficial part of the gallery business.  They hold the greatest propensity for cooperative advancement, and access to the wealthiest clients from all over the world.  The deal was atrocious, especially being that they were best friends since boyhood . . . but not out of character for someone who was upset when my father purchased one of his mother’s artworks for their anniversary - because Jason didn’t call him first so he could commandeer his mother’s profit.

Jason and I were sympathetic to Bobby’s situation and came up with a contract to benefit all of us. Although Bobby could not afford to compensate us monetarily due to the financial pickle Flotch had left him in, we proposed partnering up.  All three of us hammered out a proposal, hopeful for a successful future in our collaborative agreement.

We all agreed that Flotch would return to Brokeback Gallery to regain ownership as soon as all of the kinks were ironed out, the risks were overcome, and we turned profitable - and if he did return when the going was good - it would have to cost him $$$$$.

I replaced the stale MySpace styled website that was formerly wasting all of Brokeback gallery’s social engagement potential - by featuring just one item ( a photograph of a man on another man’s lap ), with an improved user friendly website for Bobby’s gallery.  I spent hours designing a brilliant new look for Brokeback Gallery using an arsenal of clean photographs I had taken of the currently available catalogue coupled with engaging digital marketing, and wizardly branding.

I crafted a dynamic e-commerce platform for Bobby and his roster of artists, We Had an agreement to cross promote each other’s products and artists for a mutual benefit.  Our goal was to keep Bobby from bankruptcy after Flotch had abandoned him.


Flotch invited us over to his home and inquired whether it was our intention to help Bobby run the gallery now - he was less than enthusiastic with our affirmation.  Then Flotch ridiculously proposed that we drop our LLC, and our DBA from any affiliation with our Fine Art Print company - and move forward with his new company called “Brokeback Clothing Company”.  

Jason stared at me in amazement , and then asked Flotch “Why would we do that?”.  Flotch retorted, “Because my name has legs.  It has the recognition necessary.” he said as he flamboyantly gesticulated whilst deliberately mispronouncing our company’s name.  “Get rid of whatever nonsense name that is, call it Brokeback Clothing Company and we can discuss monetary compensation later, you know, once it's profitable.”  

This was Flotch’s con laid bare for every business he’s ever started.  He starts out friendly and informal, and returns to prove it’s his only once it’s profitable - thereby seizing ownership/control after all the work has been done.  We refused his offer politely and Jason had asked if we could collaborate rather than dissolve our name. Flotch was appalled and said no. He absolutely wasn’t interested in working with us.  There was only one way to collaborate with him: bow down, give up all of our individuality, hand over the goods, and the rights to those goods.

Then we asked if we could please have the login information to update the website for the brick-and-mortar location Bobby now owned. Flotch chuckled and said absolutely no way.  Bobby, Jason, and I could not use either the existing website attached to the brick-and-mortar, nor the existing email account full of the collectors’ contacts needed to make the gallery work.  We had to start everything from scratch during the slowest season of the year.

Flotch chuckled and said “This is between you all and Bobby, if you want to make your own site : make your own site.  If you want an email account : make your own email account. I want nothing to do with it.”  So we created that evening.  Our business surprisingly thrived.  The gallery made enough money to survive the slow season.  Our site did so well in fact that Flotch started to use it here and there for his own communications and self promotion.  His preexisting site was gathering dust and our new one was dominating SEO for Brokeback Gallery searches.  

Flotch was furious with our success, and his lack of control over it, so he plotted a coup.  

Things started off normal with his usual request to give two of his concubines a place to stay at our apartment for a few days while setting up for Art Basel - he had to save on hotel costs.  We chauffeured them back and forth in traffic for hours, so he could save on rental cars and parking costs.  He asked that we receive several heavy shipments of oversized fine art packages at our residence the months leading to Basel. Then he asked for us to deliver these packages across the half mile of sand to the back of the Scope tent, one by one.

Flotch needed a safe and secure place to park his trailer for the entire week of Art Basel - we arranged for a space with 24 hour surveillance free of charge.  This drained ogre demanded enough cocaine to choke a horse - all of these connections and favors were done in order to ensure that Jason’s art was allowed on the walls. Flotch’s wishes were our command.  

We approached the booth after fulfilling all of his burning desires. As soon as the show opened to the public, he quickly made it clear that something had changed indefinitely.  He refused to allow Jason to hang any of the art he had carefully crafted in preparation for Basel.  This was a stark 180 degree shift from the past years where Jason had personally hung the bulk, if not all of the show whilst Flotch wandered aimlessly pretending to be holding meetings on his phone.  Flotch’s anger was palpable . . . something was up.

No matter how Jason approached Flotch during the Scope Fair - Flotch wouldn’t reveal what was wrong and why he was treating Jason like a stranger.  Jason quipped at Flotch, “Having control issues in your old age?”.  Flotch’s response spoke volumes: he smirked deviously and waited until he was close enough so only Jason could hear, “. . . Maintaining Control”, he hissed as his sunken eyes squinted to match his crooked smirk.

Despite Flotch’s newly minted ostracizing behavior towards Jason and I at the Art Fair, Jason completely sold out his artwork.  Yet each day of the art show brought with it more drama between Jason and Flotch; it was as if Flotch was trying to engineer an excuse for a break in ties between Jason and himself.  Like a loser boyfriend too pussy to dump his steady beau straight up.

The year previous - I had invited Iggy Pop to visit the Brokeback booth at Scope.  Flotch was agog and ran immediately to the front desk to arrange a chaperone for his special guest.  Yet it turns out that the beach isn’t a hot location for A-List would be art collectors.  Iggy Pop was unable to make the half mile walk without paparazzi and fan harassment - so he declined to come and asked if there was a private studio he could visit.  Flotch was crestfallen and made it very apparent.

He leaned on me relentlessly for Iggy Pop’s contact in order to produce his ‘Detroit themed’ show for the new space he was running.  This year he had aimed to curate art shows that exported artwork from greatly established artists in the cities he had selected to exploit. Flotch is a typical W.R.E.M. - practicing a form of gentrification within yet another form of gentrification - carting off Detroit’s artists to the most heavily gentrified city : San Francisco.  

I have the privilege of chilling at Iggy Pop’s house because I know how to respect someone else’s authority and privacy. I had explained as delicately as possible to Flotch that I would act as medium between Iggy and himself and he tweaked.  

Flotch stomped off in a huff grumbling to me before he turned away, “No. Don’t bother.  I have my own ways.” I refused to hand over this exclusive contact information that I earned with my kickass creations and righteous personality . . . my inability to comply with this scraggly cultish leader was the last straw.  

The next day Flotch had abandoned post at the fair when we showed up.  Within 15 minutes I had made two sales.  The third sale was the final blow to Mimi’s ego, ( she was Flotch’s toady running the booth at the time )  and her cocaine problem kept her sweaty, bug eyed, and unable to close any deals.  

My final sale was to a corporate art buyer who had a serious interest in Jason’s work.  She and Jason had both just lost their Boston Terrier, and were deep in conversation when I offered her a steep discount . . . if she bought two of Jason’s fine art prints together, instead of just one.   I was super happy to seal the deal with this potential repeat customer.  

Mimi rang her up, asked if we could hold down the fort, as she waddled away with her cellphone to her sweaty ear.  When she returned she spouted a long series of jittery ramblings until she blurted out, “Flotch just told me that he doesn’t want you guys here anymore . . .”  

Mimi had no competition for commission - we weren’t asking for any.  We were making her and Flotch money, yet they insisted on kicking us out. She asserted that the discount that we awarded the third buyer on a bundle of Fine Art Prints (created by Jason and I) was criminal.  Quite literally a $150 discount on one of Jason's Fine Art Prints - sent her and Flotch into a tailspin.

On the final Sunday at Basel I had three separate appointments with high profile art collectors to visit Brokeback Gallery’s booth.  When we arrived with our last collector (IBM’s forensic accountant) to Brokeback’s Booth, Flotch was sullen and dismissive.  He purposely made her feel unwelcome; her questions regarding the artwork were met with short mumbles.  

This was the moment when Jason couldn't take it any longer - he asked Flotch if he would care to step outside for a moment like two men and talk this out . . . He proceeded to tell Flotch how important sales were for us right now, we really needed the money.  He asked Flotch what was causing his inappropriate, unprofessional, and just plain weird behavior - Flotch responded quite literally with a floppy arm tantrum.

He disregarded every single trespass and vulgarity for which Jason was seeking explanation - after all of these years he had dedicated to further the Brokeback Gallery.  He labeled everything Jason said as “wrong”, immature, and selfish.  Then and there, he displayed his truest intent, he offered Jason a chance to return absolutely everything to normal on one condition . . . he demanded that my soulmate abandon our relationship for good and steal Iggy Pop’s info on the way out.

Jason refused to consent to Flotch’s sadistic commands - his patience was lost.  He bellowed out his final blow, “Katy is a nasty woman. Mimi said that Katy exposed her pussy last night, I can't have that lunatic around anymore, she's bad for sales!”

Isn’t that ironic? The same gorg who sent my husband dick pics for seven years had the audacity - to allege that I had flashed his ratchet crone Mimi, my precious pussy.

In accordance with a literal psychological projection, he warranted our immediate termination.

Jason’s seven years of being brainwashed by Flotch are finally over.  Jason was psychologically overwhelmed from all of the abuse he had enabled and experienced at the manipulative hands of Flotch.  He had to literally deprogram himself from feeling guilty for this deplorable.  I inspired him to focus on the fact that he had sold out at Basel, and at least we still had the the brick-and-mortar point of sale at Brokeback in New Orleans.

Then on Christmas 2015 the impossible happened . . . we were unable to log in to the backend of our website. It seemed the password had changed. No biggie right? Just login to my email, after clicking ‘forgot my password’ and . . . NOPE. I found out our email had been hacked too!  Everything we had built up for two years in the social media and search engine spheres for Brokeback Gallery - had ceased to function all at once and without notice as to why.

Flotch gave his oleaginous servants Magoo and Mimi, the green light to change all of the passwords we had created on all of the platforms I had designed - on Christmas morning.  He had pirated the very same platform he had said he wanted “nothing to do with.” Magoo pirated our digital point of sale and flaunted finger painted products in place of our Fine Art Print products.  He ignored every plea that I had to regain what was rightfully mine, and continued to use my platform spitefully.  After hours of communicating with our hosting server I regained control of the digital platform I had spent years working on and with.

Flotch’s employees made multiple counter attempts to regain control over our property. I was beyond stressed out. I could only assume that all of our inventory at the brick-and-mortar had been destroyed like the matchbook Flotch had torn and stolen from Jason.

Both Mimi and Magoo ignorantly committed third degree felonies because Flotch assured them that everything they were doing was perfectly legal.  Flotch is very careful to keep his own pansy hands from getting dirty.

We had signed contracts - that proved our creation and ownership over  Their coup wrecked our brick-and-mortar point of sale during the height of the tourist shopping season, after a rough long slow summer.  Moreover, we lost our two year list of clients:  the email account that I had created was completely deleted by Magoo and Mimi . . . all of the contacts and communications we had built slowly from the ground up were completely eradicated.

The contract that we had in place with Brokeback Gallery was broken in the most unprofessional way imaginable. Monetary compensation for two years of work and the loss of both a digital and brick-and-mortar space from which to vend Jason’s art along with our Fine Art Prints merchandise had evaporated.  This fuck job left us beyond broke.

No matter how many times we attempted to receive a response from Magoo or Mimi as to why they had committed the felonies - they firmly ignored our multiple requests for civil conversation.  Flotch's lawyer sent a quick message to us via his iPhone that read something like: No you’re the puppet / so sue me.  As I mentioned before, Jason’s original artworks were being ripped up by Flotch; we feared for our entire inventory inside Brokeback Gallery, all our original artworks and products were at risk.

We dropped everything, packed up our three pups, jumped into the car and drove from Miami to New Orleans . . . Praying to retrieve our possessions before Flotch had preyed upon them and destroyed it all.

( This tragedy resulted in a miraculous ending for Jason and I, but it is so super positive and spectacular that it’s not going to be revealed within this putrid testimony.   Stay tuned to hear the good news now that the worst is over . . . )


hello haughteeComment
'Ohana' @ the Mai-Kai

the 'Ohana' - the Mai-Kai's Premier Social Event

     Fort Lauderdale's Mai-Kai Polynesian restaurant was a sea of friendly faces and colorful characters this past Saturday. The Ohana, the Mai-Kai's Premier , yearly social event was a thing to behold. It was a coming together of tiki enthusiasts from across the globe. We saw some old friends, and made some very special new ones. The Ohana is a time for sharing, and togetherness-without over-inflated egos and drama. The rum was flowing, and the conversation was flowing even faster. The topic on everyone's lips-the 'mysterious Tiki Relic' ; The trolls who fear it, the Queens who covet it, and the incredibly attractive adventurers who unearthed it. The management of the Mai-Kai agreed that the relic was real and genuine-in stark contrast to the envious, and egregious claims of certain duplicitous would-be buyers. Together with the author of 'Mai-Kai History and Mystery', they both agreed that the Relic may very well have come from the Mai-Kai , pre-renovation. We were ecstatic! Tiki Trolls flooded and crashed our auction for a SECOND time(blessing in disguise). EBay has refunded our seller fees, and we are off (news in hand) to a more serious sale platform.

    We shot some beautiful photos of some beautiful people and we're posting a few here for your viewing pleasure. (the ones for public consumption anyway).

   And as for the 'Coconut Cradlers' - the second most popular subject on everyone's lips-

No Worries. We are here to stay.

Artists commit Art.

Recidivism rate = 100%

Keep your beards groomed. 

See you in the funny papers.





Below is a sample of the data that was rearranged on Airbnb's messaging system both Before tampering and After.

This is my last response to Airbnb:


A little too ironic. #americanhorrorstory

A little too ironic. #americanhorrorstory


Tina, Vera, Keisha, Willis, Beckett, and most of all Brian:

I’m done dealing with your company directly, for the time being.




I exposed a threat your company posed to our safety as travelers ! 

Your company’s response was to admit twice on recording - that I had experienced malicious intent and/or flagrant fraud. You then commanded ravenously - that I should stop talking about the abuse I experienced and turn the other cheek, both emotionally and financially. 

I lived through deep rooted and acute abuse on your so called ‘hospitality’ program. 

No one from your company cared or attempted to stop the madness. 

You shared no and showed no regard for my safety, nor the safety of the populace you entice with your ‘goodwill’ claims.  Our most cherished possessions - not to mention our lives as we sleep - are at the mercy of your warped mindset which myopically protects only preservation of profit.

Airbnb , you said I had a place ‘to call home’ at a blessing of a rate - during the most financially devastating time of my life. Jo Katbi, (or TJ, Jaime, or Excite Magazine, or LukSuk … the New Orleans native who happens to actually be native of India) - conned me. I exposed the con and Airbnb protected him as an asset. The host took advantage of my belief in human kindness . . . which is precisely what Airbnb prides itself on as social currency in order to exist.

Finding out Excite Magazine = Vincent Breeding = A True Horror Story

The abuse I endured from you and your protection of the host - was similar to being woken up by kidnappers while sleeping. 


Thanks to you Airbnb, my company is now homeless during the most profitable season of the year.

Airbnb you have a fucked up protocol for dealing with a host who extorts guests for money. I had a confirmed reservation and my host messaged me instantly outside of your platform from sexually implicit email handles- (funding fucked up causes)- breaking your most obvious safety policy. Your only response to protect us was to send the host politely robotic reprimands with links to your policies via email - THAT’S IT ! Together you continue to rake in the profits. 

The despicable and still active host on your platform - continuously attempted to extort more money from me - after a confirmed reservation over 6 days time I’d say a total of 8 times. You just let the days pass by as I frantically asked you for assistance through every means possible. 

The host became indignant with my explanation of his obvious crime, and proceeded to employ a bigoted and offensive personal attack on my mental / physical handicaps - in a literary tone of what I can only dub “Stranded Nigerian Astronaut”. 

Your flagrant misconduct regarding the safety of travelers, demands that all hosts of any kind in America who operate outside of the preexisting legally/professionally regulated hospitality structure need to be accredited by a third party!


This certification cannot be administered by the out-of-line dictatorship your platform has amassed to.

How many of our loved ones are sleeping on pillows tonight belonging to proprietors posing as ‘caretakers’ ; registering their information with no one outside of your Vacation Cartel . . . a Cartel which has proven Pure Profit as it’s only regulatory advisor?




FEB 12 2016 - 2 1/2 months before a pivotal business trip + family reunion on April 27 - May 4th - we logon late night to Airbnb after a 16 hour work day.


FEB 12 2016 11:12 Jo Katbi sent a pre-approval for $1626.


FEB 12 2016 11:13 Jo Katbi contacted us via Airbnb messaging to see if he could give us a special rate because the $1626 pre-approved rate had already been sent one minute prior to this message and was not within my bare bones budget.


FEB 12 2016 11:14 Jo Katbi one minute later sends the savior-of-our-life price of $335 for the time we need to work.


FEB 12 2016 11:17 Jo Katbi solicited me for my personal email saying “Can you send me An email? My address is Excite Magazine. I do not give him my information because I have no confirmed appointment with him - no rapport - no need to comply with a host’s solicitation against Airbnb rules.


FEB 12 2016 11:37 I spent 20 full minutes deliberating with my partner about how to proceed with a host, who was soliciting us for our email before we even booked a reservation. We decided it’s completely normal to follow the orders of a veteran host and also most people wish to see our art portfolios outside of Airbnb no matter where we stay anyway! I proceeded cautiously with “Sure I can send an email - yours is getting hidden by Airbnb k***** is mine at me dot com. I then explained in the same minute that He would be saving our lives!!! via the Airbnb messaging service.


FEB 12 2016 11:42 Six minutes later I still couldn’t believe how amazing this host was for saving our small business with an affordable safe place to stay . . . so I repeated my gratitude and stated “You have no idea of what a life save you are!” 



The host and I were both notified via email twice of this reservation confirmation. And it was also time stamped on the Airbnb messaging system.


FEB 12 2016 11:59 Jo Katbi goes at it again : “You can also message me luksuk at iCloud dot con. via the Airbnb platform. 17 minutes passed by and Jo is starting to solicit me for my email again. I had hoped the nightmare I supposed was happening had vanished and I was sure that no matter what happened from here on out - that Airbnb would protect me.


FEB 13 2016 12:01 I receive an email from TJ Awesome at, Subject line : New Orleans Content : Hey Katy, Is this your email? Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone 


FEB 13 2016 12:01 I send an email Subject : Hey it’s katy! Content : :)


I go to sleep sending only a :) because I know it's not appropriate to talk outside of Airbnb and I think it's odd that Jo hasn't asked to see either one of our portfolios yet.


FEB 13 2016 12:14 I receive an email from TJ Awesome at, Content : Oh hey! So I can knock the rate down to $1200 but Airbnb will still charge you their fee. Is that better for you? Thanks:) Sent from my iPhone. I refuse to reply to him and immediately freak out.


FEB 13 2016 12:40 I received an email from TJ Awesome at, Content :Hey I've gotta run but I'll check my messages when I'm back! I'm in India at the moment!!!


FEB 13 2016 4:04 AM I FINALLY receive a message from Jo Katbi via Airbnb messaging service : Hey the reservation isn’t $290. I said I could $1200. I hope this is ok. Please message me when you can :) thanks!!


Sometime between 4:04 AM and 11:15 AM FEB 13 2016 J Katbi deleted the listing from Airbnb.


FEB 13 2016 11:15 AM I send for an emergency email to Airbnb to call this extortion and solicitation out! I wrote : 

This host has put up a serious red flag for me. I have NEVER had this issue with a host before. I always use your site to reach out for personal deals from hosts - it's the most amazing thing ever that you allow hosts to control their own property rates like this. I was sure that we had found a blessing like we always do when Jo reached out with his amazing deal. However he then immediately began to message me some awkward messages via email about how the reservation that is / was already confirmed - won't be the price that he agreed to and asked for and I confirmed. It seems as if he attempted to get me to pay money off of your site - he asked for an additional 1200$. I've never had anyone ask for money outside of Airbnb before AFTER A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT! Now the listing isn't even available. I'm super super super screwed. I cannot afford to stay in New Orleans without this deal. We are in debt right now as artists and we cannot explain how much this deal meant to us. If we are scammed we are screwed. We will have nowhere to stay that we can afford in order to sell our art at peak season. Please please please help us!


FEB 13 2016 11:25 AM Airbnb Zendesk “Expert” Antonella responded with:

 Hi Katy! really sorry about this issue: as a responsible host myself, I really hate these things as this is not what AirBnB recommends hosts to do! 

Therefore, please first of all tell your host that he cannot ask for additional money after a reservation is confirmed! If he insists in doing that, you can flag him (there is a little flag next to the messages) and AirBnB will contact him and take due action! 

Also, tell him that if he is not happy with this reservation, HE needs to cancel it (doNOT cancel yourself to avoid being charged cancellation fees!). Should he cancel, you'll be fully assisted by AirBnB to find a new similar place to stay. Don't worry, the Guest refund policy fully protects you, as stated here: 

Please soon message the host and see if he agrees to host you at the given price or what. keep me posted so that I can guide you through 




FEB 13 2016 11:36 AM I am fearful now - so I call Airbnb's emergency hotline number and spoke with Tina who tells me everything is going to be alright. She can tell this is a big time con. She said I have evidence of his criminal behavior all in the documentation of his emailing and messaging content, timeline, and frequency. She also states that his removal of his listing following the solicitation for my private email and for extortion for excessive additional funds offsite and onsite is amazing evidence and would command his removal as host. I was told that he would be removed from the site and that Airbnb would compensate me for enduring this stressful scam by putting me in a similar space in a similar location for the reserved price - or cover the cost of the difference in pricing.

After this initial contact with Tina - I tried to contact Airbnb for 6 days - not one customer representative ever followed up with me concerning what Tina had promised. Every day for a total of 6 days I was bounced around a call center which told me they’d have to get back to me later whenever I called Airbnb. Every day for a total of 6 days I messaged Airbnb via email only to receive mixed messages from a curt, cold, and manipulative customer service agent named Vera : concerning my restitution and safety. She said Jo Katbi had made a mistake and that it was the Airbnb app’s fault on his phone. I said the timeline and his removal of the listing proves otherwise. And what happened to compensating me? Where is the hospitality?She said she’d get back to me - and of course she never did.


FEB 16 10:16 AM I finally message Jo Katbi directly because I wanted some answers as to why he never reached out to me to explain the mistake. Why did he extort me and then delete the listing when I would not speak with him while I tried to go through Airbnb to mediate the situation. I wrote this :

 Jo i'm so confused. You asked me for $1200 extra 20 minutes after the reservation was confirmed via email - after I had already said you were saving my life twice via airbnb messaging by giving me the rate that you did. The price was displayed in our airbnb message feed as: JO SENT A SPECIAL OFFER $43/NIGHT.  We both saw that as a confirmation. Why didn't you admit it was a mistake until way later? I don't understand. You asked me for money instantly via email. And then you said it was a mistake price? The price was confirmed and you never said to me that it was a mistake. You just asked for more money. " Oh hey! So I can knock the rate down to $1200 but Airbnb will still charge you their fee. Is that better for you?" I don't know why you wouldn't mention the BIGGEST issue once, where is the part where you admit to me instantly that this was a mistake on your part? Why did you ignore that and wait hours to tell this only to airbnb. I never heard from you on airbnb about this mistake until 4 hours after you had already asked me for more money outside of airbnb. What's going on? The original price you reserved me at wasn't a mistake until much much later and you never explained to me that it was a mistake you just said you wanted $1200 extra than the confirmed rate. Please explain I'm worried, I've never had this issue before ever. I always always receive discounts from people and I feel taken advantage of!

Jo refused to respond to my desire for explanation and continued to ask for more money. Airbnb would not assist me and I forwarded the message I had sent to Airbnb to Jo Katbi himself.


FEB 16 2016 9:35PM

I have anxiety disorder and PTSD.

That's why I love airbnb.

I use it because I literally feel healthier staying in the comfort of someone's private home :

than I do a corporate tower of transients and service workers.


I have always used this lifesaving program :

to assure that my service animals and I have a safe place to work from when traveling.

I only travel for work - so the level of seriousness with which I take this program is upped in my mind, to an unquantifiable position.


I could not do what I love and support myself - without the existence of airbnb.


Times are super tough financially.

We sold out two nights at Art ***** this past December : 

but my gallerist would not let us hang as much as we needed/wanted to.

After the event we figured out what his awkward treatment was regarding.

Bigotry runs deeper than profits, community, and the American Dream.

I was cut out of the club for being trans, cuban, and jewish in ancestry .

It is impossible to stand up for oneself as a paycheck to paycheck artist

in court against a man with so much $$$$ - we had to move on.

We used airbnb to do just that with you Jo - 

at 11:13 pm you knew the rate that you gave me was correct. It showed up in our messaging system as : JO SENT A SPECIAL OFFER $43/NIGHT for both of us to view. This is visible in the app. You instantly / immediately messaged me to contact you via email. You commanded as a host that I give you my email. I felt that this was abnormal but I followed your orders as you are my host. You never said you made a mistake. You said you needed more money. You didn't say you made a mistake until you "requested to change the reservation". Almost 24 hours after you asked me for extra money - then you asked me to accept or decline reservations the proper way. You have 53 reviews, on Feb 13, 2016, at 8:04 PM you knew that you were doing the "right" thing. But that's only after you did the super duper wrong thing multiple times for almost 24 hours.

 After giving me the rate you provided that was super fair due to the fact that you knew I was emotionally and financially broken... I have to know nothing about possibilities. I cannot believe that you wrote me this message, "You have to know that there is no possible way of doing $43 a night especially during the busiest time of year. I messaged you immediately when I saw the mistake." Those are both lies and I feel threatened.


I have to know nothing of what you assume! Your kindness and your humanity are what I'm counting on using airbnb. The deal you gave me I quoted as life saving twice. I know that on the app you could see the same thing I could which was an instant confirmation of the rate : JO SENT A SPECIAL OFFER $43/NIGHT. You waited almost 24 hours to follow the rules, and before that and up until now you have put me through serious mental trauma.


Just last month my man and I used airbnb program to ensure a safe space to stay in New Orleans when we had to immediately disassemble our point of sale on ****** Street : after being buried alive career wise, by this anti-Semitic, homophobic, evil *************!

Click on the photo below if you're not squeamish. If you're driving, Pull the Fuck Over.

Here's the SMALLEST sample of the atrocious messages my man would receive. He received the most abusive messages I've ever laid eyes upon. They cause my eyes, and soul to puke. This is the type of abuse I was hoping to be saved from when booking our business trip to set up a new point of sale AWAY from this BIG BIGOT !

We had to drop what we were doing and drive to New Orleans from Miami ! 

Our cyber data had been pirated and years of work erased! We had to get to Nola before he could destroy all of our physical products and artwork in the point of sale- at the Gallery we've worked with for over 7 years. 

He managed to rip up in a tantrum only one $1200 piece of art.

He managed to rip up in a tantrum only one $1200 piece of art.

Airbnb saved our lives, our merchandise, and our entire Fine Art portfolio! 

With a safe place to park, a dreamy place to sleep, and a comfortably private space to work from :

our superman host John was amazing and will be a lasting friend!

My partner and I cannot brag about airbnb service (when functioning) enough!


We only use the platform for special deals.


Airbnb service has always given me sanctuary 

and has supported me like no one else in terms of allowing my small business to go where the money is. 


I will be unable to survive this year without being able to have a safe space at a blessing of a rate

(like this one you chose to abuse me and the airbnb system with) in order to work from for the duration 

of this week in New Orleans in this location. 


We are setting up a new point sale on Royal Street !

We felt blessed to be able to have been accepted by you at the rate you offered.

As soon as we received confirmation you then proceeded to extort me immediately following : 

by asking for money instantly outside of the policy and airbnb website via email and 

I was crushed. 


Seventeen minutes after knowingly offering me a rate I had requested specifically (a ridiculously affordable rate) and confirming and reserving it : you messaged me to contact you via email immediately on airbnb. I always receive requests to view our artist's portfolio's so this is not unusual however it was awkward for you to so rapidly reach out and not preface interest in viewing our portfolios or merchandise catalogues. 

I knew that I had been taken advantage of and abused : within 1/2 an hour of confirmation of reservation I was extorted via email for $$$$ outside of Airbnb. 


I freak out at the idea of a late night scammer. I take my prescribed anti-anxiety cocktail (what is used to treat soldiers after war in order that they may return to society with the normalcy after experiencing so much PTSD) and wait for morning. I've been doing this for five days. Wondering if my bills will or won't be paid - because of a scam you pulled using the airbnb service.


We will be setting up a completely new point of sale inside a new gallery in the French Quarter on Royal Street and also selling art outside of the fairgrounds for crowds, hours and hours on the concrete. I also would be in town at the same time as my workaholic Nurse Mother and Doctor Father, who will be attending a medical conference in downtown New Orleans. This trip means the world to me and you have no idea how absolutely devastated I am that I have to be in limbo about something that was marked “Reserved and Confirmed" five days ago!


You were kind enough to allow the starving artist to ask you - the host, for a ridiculous deal we needed in order to stay afloat.I've even done trade for the discrepancy in pricing. I'm a professional photographer and I've taken photographs of newborn infants and their mothers as service barter - in exchange for a discount on the weekly / monthly rates. The networking airbnb program provides is influential in the potential for small American owned and operated business. I could not live without airbnb program : until this incident.


Checking back on my history of airbnb it will be apparent that I have used this option to beg for the best deal possible with each stay. I only need to travel when the money is low in Miami. Miami is where my elderly family is - so I choose to dedicate a lot of my time to taking care of the elderly people in my family and living here. Without airbnb I would not have a way to leave last minute - and find a “place to call home" when I need to follow the money.


It makes no sense whatsoever to me that I receive this message every time I make a special deal : "Reservation confirmed. You've got a place to call home": which has always put my mind at ease - yet now this message has turned into a meaningless nightmare.


I'm not sure why I have to spend 5 days now - in added suspense and physical and emotional apprehension due to a 100% clear abuse of airbnb system by you Jo Katbi. Airbnb records every phone conversation. 02.13.2016 sometime around 8:36am a service representative Tina had already confirmed that this is evidence I've supplied and the experience I've endured this occasion is pure abuse of airbnb system by you - and I would be fully repaired, protected, and assisted by them in finding a similar place to stay for the confirmed rate and times that I will be 100% needing to work in New Orleans. 


I cannot believe that the company would trust any traveler in a blatant scammers home. Your home - however nice it looked - and however much profit it made you and the airbnb company - can not be relevant to the unquantifiable amount of stress you have caused me and my business to endure. I feel endangered - by your vengeance of me having caught you abusing the airbnb system!


At 11:25 pm 02.13.2016 I received a message from airbnb online support system which clearly stated 'he cannot ask for additional money after a reservation is confirmed' but the airbnb program allowed you to do so twice this evening!! In a row !! and Once nearly 24 hours after extorting me once via email and once via airbnb message - and both of your responses today : seem to condone your request for more money as normal on this platform's part. You are disregarding the fact that you acted illegally and against airbnb policy prior and never proceeded to even once mention the word mistake until almost 24 hours later via the correct way to confirm mistakes which you only did to cover your tracks. 


You then deleted the listing ! Tina is also on record saying this is further evidence of fraud. I was told not to respond to your request for money the ‘appropriate' way which wasn't even appropriate as described by antonella the expert backed by experts ! it's unfathomable for a host to extort on or off the program!


Your response is filled with ideas which are not truthful and it causes me great concern. On Friday 12th of Feb 2016 I wanted to feel rest assured - as I would and should every time I use airbnb service. It's Tuesday and I'm freaking out that this isn't resolved yet! I feel very uneasy and dissatisfied and abandoned by the service.  


I was told airbnb would fully protect and assist me in finding a similar place to stay for the confirmed rate and times and location that I will be 100% needing to work in New Orleans. 


You did not make a mistake on the initial price.

As a host you intentionally breached your contract with me and the service and I refuse to pay the price of your transgressions.


You said there was a special offer and intentionally asked for more money and my email after I accepted the offer.


Unfortunately I have Exhibit A-F which provide 100% proof evidence of your abuse of the system and an employee of airbnb who agrees with me. 


I understand that you and airbnb needed patience on my end -

but I am horrified by the lack of professional response you as a host and them as a $25.5 Billion dollar company have abused me with. I always trusted for them to immediately rectify the situation by putting my mind at ease as the customer who has to endure a scandal at no fault of my own - but due to your abuse of their system. 


I cannot understand how waiting for your illegal activity to be exposed beyond my experience of it matters in moving things forward and finding me a safe and synonymous space for me to stay during my work trip at the confirmed rate I have already paid for with a host I can trust! I do not accept your offer to extort me.


I have already called in and spoken with a different representative other than Tina, and also with Vera and explained to these particular representatives that you are now attempting to cover your tracks and act as if you were not aware of the nearly 24 hours that went by before you did the right thing, and that you were not aware that you had exhorted me for money with a screen name which I can only imagine is a sexual solicitation : lu(c)k su(c)k. I am unaware of the policy of having me live through your scam and your covering of your tracks for five days.


You clearly understand how to use the system they've provided to your advantage and to make my life a living hell.

I found no relevant resolution in your response. I'm hoping I've got you up to speed on the panic and the abuse I'm handling here due to your obvious and callous criminal behavior. 

Can you please leave me alone I am very uncomfortable with the treatment I am receiving from you. Your lack of responsibility and your flagrant dismissal of the atrocities I have been through in dealing with you.

[Airbnb] I expect to be receiving the compensation and proper treatment due to me five days ago by the end of Wednesday's business day, as I have been waiting since 11:54 on Friday to feel good.


Katy Bea


✠ Jo Katbi then lashes out with “inexcusable” verbal abuse. He attacked both my physical and emotional handicaps ✠

FEB 16 2016 10:37 PM 

You're not the only one with problems. I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. I did nothing to scam you and never solicited you for money outside Airbnb. I told you the app wasn't working right and that I am in India with crappy Internet. Check your messages and re-read them. Why would I say I could do $1200 but I wasn't sure what Airbnb's fee would be? I do not appreciate you trying to be manipulative here and play a victim. Airbnb nor I owe you anything. There was a mistake out of anybody's control with the app not working right. So please let it go and find somewhere else to stay. And just so you know LukSuk is my service dog that goes everywhere with me because I have epilepsy.  (EMAIL HIDDEN) was the only way I could message you as I try to get back to people as soon as I can even while I'm traveling India after the sudden death of my father. So we can compare stories of who has it worst or we can let this misunderstanding go. 

Best of luck to you,


I do not appreciate being called a criminal or being slandered against. I think you are not mentally well and hope you can recieve help. Good luck to you.


Thanks for the tip Jo.

I am currently receiving medical treatment for “not being well” I explained that to you in the first sentence of my message to both you and Airbnb. I am heavily medicated for acute PTSD and anxiety disorder from enduring ****************************.  In addition I have neurocardio-syncopy and I had to spend months in the hospital to find out what was giving me seizures like episodes. I had what seemed to be hundreds of probes superglued to my head and had to carry around an EEG fanny pack for a week. I even had an seizure like episode while driving and flipped my car completely over - totaling it. 

airbnb medical abuse.JPG

My physical handicap is real and is painful and has caused me and my family a lot of emotional trauma. Jo Katbi used the sensitive information I provided, to mock and belittle my physical handicap. I was exploited by Airbnb's claims of Good Will.

Jo says to me : “ And just so you know LukSuk is my service dog that goes everywhere with me because I have epilepsy. “  

JO This is how i imagine luck suck services you.


Shout  Out to  Alexander Hamilton  for the amazing original photo before I memed it to hell.

Shout  Out to Alexander Hamilton for the amazing original photo before I memed it to hell.

I was appalled and crushed at the insensitivity and bigotry I experienced on Airbnb.

I was certain with his verbal abuse laid out next to the chronology of his crime that he would now be removed from the site as a con and an abusive host. When I called in for the last time - to my horror - I was told not to talk about Jo Katbi, and the punishment he would be receiving would not be removal from the site. Airbnb would also not assist me in finding a new place to stay and also not honor the previous promises to fund the resolution to this abuse.

Keisha, the last representative I spoke with explained to me on recording, same as Tina, that the intent of Jo Katbi was in fact malicious extortion for funds outside of the site.

however they would not be prosecuting him for his criminal behavior regarding the con or even his hatred and mockery of my documented handicaps.  there was no other option.

i immediately asked to speak with a supervisor.

The manager Willis ultimately hung up on me because he said he didn’t have time to talk to me on the phone "all day" about my cancelLed reservation and my desire to protect the public.

WILLIS : WHAT IS YOUR JOB IF NOT TO RECTIFY the conflicts between your guests and their hosts?




Here is the timeline of email communication both ON and OFF of Airbnb.

It begins with the ORIGINAL DATA on the morning I woke up and saw his attempt to solicit me both on and off the platform. If you look above at the timeline you can see the clear difference and manipulation of the chronology. I cannot believe Airbnb fucked with the data and protected this creep.

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what to do : when idiots steal from you

Etsy cannot help us - from a million people taking what we do without permission, and making profit off of our life's work.

Etsy cannot help us - from a million people taking what we do without permission, and making profit off of our life's work.

But Haughtee can. We will help you file counter notice against anyone who tries to steal your shit. And if they've made steep profits : they owe you a cut. 


* I've provided a copy of Etsy's "My Shit Got Stolen" procedure : for your own personal artistic policing pleasure.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy

Etsy, Inc. ("Etsy") has adopted the following general policy toward copyright and intellectual property infringement in accordance with general U.S. intellectual property laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( Etsy will respond to notices of this form from jurisdictions other than the U.S. as well. The address of Etsy's Designated Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement ("Designated Agent") is listed at the end of this policy.

Etsy may act expeditiously to respond to a proper notice by (1) removing or disabling access to material claimed to be subject of infringing activity; and (2) removing and discontinuing service to repeat offenders. If Etsy removes or disables access in response to such a notice, Etsy will make a good-faith attempt to contact the allegedly infringing party ("Member") so that they may make a counter notification.

A. Procedure for Reporting Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringements:

If you materially misrepresent that a product or activity is infringing your intellectual property, you may be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees). Therefore, if you are not sure whether the material infringes upon your intellectual property, please contact an attorney before contacting Etsy.

If you believe that material residing on or accessible through the Etsy web site or service infringes a copyright or other intellectual property right, to provide Etsy of notice of such infringement, you may send a notice of infringement to the Designated Agent listed below (preferably via email to Please specify the type of infringement at issue and the notice must include the following information:  

  1. A signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or intellectual property right that has been allegedly infringed upon (signatures may be provided electronically by typing your name);
  2. Identification in sufficient detail of the material being infringed upon (for an allegation of a patent infringement, please provide a patent number);
  3. Identification of the material on Etsy that is claimed to be infringing upon the intellectual property. Include information regarding the location of the infringing material with sufficient detail so that Etsy is capable of finding and verifying its existence (for listings, please provide the link or URL to each listing you allege is infringing);
  4. Contact information about the notifier including the name of the intellectual property owner, the name and title of the person contacting Etsy on the owner's behalf, the address, telephone number and email address;
  5. A statement that the notifier has a good faith belief that the material is not authorized by the intellectual property or copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and
  6. A statement made under penalty of perjury that the information provided is accurate and the notifying party is authorized to make the complaint on behalf of the intellectual property or copyright owner.

When removing material from the site, Etsy will make reasonable attempts to inform the Member of the removal, the reason for the removal, and may provide the Member with a copy of the notice and the notifying party’s contact information.

B. Removal of Allegedly Infringing Material

Once Proper Bona Fide Infringement Notification is received by the Designated Agent, Etsy may remove or disable access to the material infringing upon the intellectual property. If Etsy removes or disables access to content in response to an infringement notice, Etsy will make reasonable attempts to notify the Member that Etsy has removed or disabled access to the material. Repeat offenders will have all material removed from the system and Etsy will terminate such Members’ access to the service.

C. Procedure to Supply a Copyright Counter-Notice to the Designated Agent:

If you materially misrepresent that a product or activity is not infringing upon the intellectual property, you may be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees). Therefore, if you are not sure whether or not the material infringes on the intellectual property, please contact an attorney before contacting Etsy.

If a Member believes that their material that was removed or to which access was disabled is not infringing upon a copyright, you may send a counter-notice, pursuant to 512(g)(2) and (3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Please do not re-list or reactivate the material yourself. The counter-notice must contain the following information to the Designated Agent listed below.  

  1. Your signature (signatures may be provided electronically by typing your name);
  2. Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or disabled;
  3. A statement, under penalty of perjury, that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material;
  4. Your name, address, telephone number, and email address, and a statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal Court for the judicial district in which the Member’s address is located, or if your address is located outside the United States, for any judicial district in which Etsy is located, and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under subsection (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.

If a counter-notice is received by the Designated Agent, Etsy may send a copy of the counter-notice to the original complaining party informing that person that Etsy may replace the removed material or cease disabling it in 10 business days. Unless the copyright or intellectual property owner files an action seeking a court order against the Member, the removed material may be replaced or access to it restored in 10 to 14 business days after receipt of the counter-notice, at Etsy’s discretion.

Please contact Etsy’s Designated Agent to submit Notifications of Claimed Infringement and Copyright Counter-Notices by email: (preferred), or at the following address:

Designated Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement:

Etsy, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
55 Washington Street Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Fax: (718) 732-2613

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