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'Ohana' @ the Mai-Kai

the 'Ohana' - the Mai-Kai's Premier Social Event

     Fort Lauderdale's Mai-Kai Polynesian restaurant was a sea of friendly faces and colorful characters this past Saturday. The Ohana, the Mai-Kai's Premier , yearly social event was a thing to behold. It was a coming together of tiki enthusiasts from across the globe. We saw some old friends, and made some very special new ones. The Ohana is a time for sharing, and togetherness-without over-inflated egos and drama. The rum was flowing, and the conversation was flowing even faster. The topic on everyone's lips-the 'mysterious Tiki Relic' ; The trolls who fear it, the Queens who covet it, and the incredibly attractive adventurers who unearthed it. The management of the Mai-Kai agreed that the relic was real and genuine-in stark contrast to the envious, and egregious claims of certain duplicitous would-be buyers. Together with the author of 'Mai-Kai History and Mystery', they both agreed that the Relic may very well have come from the Mai-Kai , pre-renovation. We were ecstatic! Tiki Trolls flooded and crashed our auction for a SECOND time(blessing in disguise). EBay has refunded our seller fees, and we are off (news in hand) to a more serious sale platform.

    We shot some beautiful photos of some beautiful people and we're posting a few here for your viewing pleasure. (the ones for public consumption anyway).

   And as for the 'Coconut Cradlers' - the second most popular subject on everyone's lips-

No Worries. We are here to stay.

Artists commit Art.

Recidivism rate = 100%

Keep your beards groomed. 

See you in the funny papers.

Never Show Up to A Party Empty Handed !

Who could say no to a VIP invite to twerk our hot crossed buns off @ Solange 's Surprise Dance Party !!!  #nola you so cray : love you to the moon & back #noamateurs #iheartjohn #haughtee #lovernotahater#whodat #keepontruckin — with Jason D'aquino and katy bea martinez-arizala keller.


NEVER SHOW UP TO A PARTY EMPTY HANDED ! Solange loved her luxuriously soft fine art print "cold beer" tank by Jason D'Aquino 🎉🎁🍺🍸👠💎🎤


Bryan Cunningham Art X Haughtee X Solange Surprise Dance Party last night 💋🍺💅🏾👩👩👯🍾🎨⚖🔮⚙💎😻🔧 !!!#haughtee#bryancunninghamart #nola #purpledrank #whodat#lovernotahater #fineartprintapparel #lean #sizzurp— with Bryan Cunningham Art.