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mid-century poly pop modern relic

This genuine vintage tiki artifact was designed with the same Totems and Tiles as the one's found in the Mai-Kai - by the renown George Nakashima.  This room divider features hand-carved Tiki Totems carved by Cass Carving, in Los Angeles.  

1ft Ceramic Jade Tiles from Oceanic Arts are suspended on a rattan pole lattice and held fast by rattan peel winding cane.  The piece is 6 1/2 ft high and 10ft wide.  

They are in incredible condition.  They have been stored safely in a temperature controlled warehouse since their retirement!

Your once in a Lifetime own Identical Totems and Tiles to the Mecca of Polynesian Pop!

BID NOW ! Take a look. We discovered a piece of history, and we've dragged it out of hiding for a once in a lifetime event. This section of Tiki panel will be auctioned off to the luckiest bidder. BID TO WIN!

Give this magical piece a home in your private tropical tiki sanctuary.

This magnificent museum quality Mid-Century Modern Tiki Room Divider: is the only available piece of tiki history with identical Totems and Tiles to the Mai-Kai for sale in the world right now. 

What true Tiki Collector could say no - to bidding on an artifact which has identical totems and tiles to a Nationally Registered Historic Site ?!

Hand-Carved Six Foot Tall Redwood Tiki Totems + Ten Foot Wide Rattan Poles with Lashed Ceramic Jade Tiles


Bid To Win !