Suave Just Wait Sports Tee 'Nike Just Do It!' Parody Beige

Suave Just Wait Sports Tee 'Nike Just Do It!' Parody Beige

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For all we care, they can "just do it". Hurry up and wait - in this inactive tee.

Indulgent people desire control - patient people have control.

Remember that the early bird may get the worm . . . but it's the second mouse, who gets the cheese. Get that cheddar in this luxuriously soft tee designed by Haughtee. Set yourself apart from the pack & keep 'em guessing.

"JUST WAIT" graphic adorns the front of this handsome performance tee. Finished with a ribbed-knit crew-neck and short sleeves. Haughtee exclusive. 

 This suave tee will make you much cooler and significantly more attractive. 

- Permanent Moisture Transport Technology
- Built in Anti-Microbial and Anti-Stain Features
- Fastest Drying Time in the Industry
- Built to Last
- Handprinted in the USA

- Machine Wash Cold
- No Softeners
- Do Not Bleach / Iron / Dry Clean
- Tumble Dry Low

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